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  • Murat Yener

    Murat Yener

    Code geek, Developer Advocate @Google

  • Daniel Galpin

    Daniel Galpin

    Developer Advocate at Google, writer, editor, theatrical performer, and social dancer.

  • DeepMap, Inc.

    DeepMap, Inc.

    DeepMap is accelerating safe autonomy by providing the world’s best autonomous mapping and localization solutions.

  • Jose Alcérreca

    Jose Alcérreca

    Developer Relations Engineer @ Google, working on Android

  • Manuel Vivo

    Manuel Vivo

    Android DevRel @ Google

  • Mark Piggott

    Mark Piggott

    App developer and Science Fiction fan

  • Chris Arriola

    Chris Arriola

    Developer Relations Engineer at Google | Author of: http://bit.ly/2rb27p0 & http://bit.ly/2O7to5u

  • Emily Eros

    Emily Eros

    Product Lead @ The Open Transport Partnership & SharedStreets

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