Bike share launches in OneBusAway!

Google Summer of Code 2017 — Bike share!

  1. Map layer of floating bikes and bike stations
  2. Multimodal trip plans based on real-time bikeshare locations
Bike share icons for floating bikes (left) and bike stations (right) in Tampa, FL
Multi-modal trip plans combine transit and bike share using real-time info from both

Setting up OneBusAway and bike share in your region

  1. Set up a OneBusAway server — Usually a transit agency in the region does this — it provides the basic real-time info features via the OneBusAway mobile apps.
  2. Set up an OpenTripPlanner server — This adds the trip planning and bike share features to the OneBusAway Android app. Check out the Real-time Config section for adding the bike share API.
  3. Test it out - Download OneBusAway Android from Google Play and configure it to point to your OBA and OTP servers.

What’s next?




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